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We carefully select the best candidates for your property, making sure that the tenant conforms to all fica and credit regulators. We monitor your incoming rent very closely and ensure that tenants pay on time, keeping your investment working for you in the right way.  

Attracting the Best Tenant

We believe that a well managed investment starts with finding a good tenant. Our strict tenant selection process ensures your property receives the care and attention it deserves from its new occupants.

Rental Income & Statements

Detailed rental statements are sent to you monthly, which include rent paid to date, rental period and any invoices paid.


We carry out inspections of the buildings periodically ensuring that maintenance is carried out where necessary, including negotiating with contractors and other professionals.All requests may be logged online 24 hours a day. Emergency and minor wear and tear maintenance will be automatically dealt with as per the authority to lease signed.

Tenant Grievances

For investors who have taken on landlord responsibilities, you know just how demanding it can be. Managing an investment property and dealing with tenants is both challenging and time consuming and requires personal attention.We deal directly with the tenant and ensure that all grievances are handled with care and professionalism.


At the beginning of your lease we will carry out a full inspection of your property and prepare a detailed incoming condition report. At the end of a lease we will carry out a full inspection of your property and prepare an outgoing condition report. We will compare this report with the incoming condition report which we prepared at the beginning of the lease when your tenant first moved in.

Rental Collection & Controlling Arrears

We pride ourselves on rental collections and strive for 100% collections. Our excellent rent collections success rate is owing to our strict vetting procedure.

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Tenant Placement​

It is important to us that we not just place a tenant but we retain them until the end of the lease period. It all starts with our strict vetting procedures to measure the tenants affordability and sustainability

Incoming Outgoing Inspections

We perform an incoming / outgoing inspection of your property to ascertain any damages and report on the general condition of the property. If there are any repairs that need to be done, we will obtain quotations on your behalf and or be deducted from the tenant’s deposit. 


In order to determine the tenants affordability, the tenant provides us with 3 months proof of income from which we can calculate their monthly affordability. From the 3 months bank statement which the tenant provides us we can determine any unusual or out of the ordinary expenditure. We can also calculated any surplus of funds at the end of the month

Employee References

An employment reference is obtained to confirm the tenants employment. We also note any absenteeism from work and confirm the length of employment which adds to the tenants sustainability score 

Previous Landlord References

References are obtained from previous landlords. We then contact the references either verbally or telephonically to verify the tenants conduct and reliability


We are happy to work closely with the landlord. At the end of the day its your property and you will be the final decision maker before we approve the tenant.  

Initial deposits & Rent 

Once application is approved the tenant is required to pay their 1st month’s rent and deposit, admin fee ( where applicable ) within 24 hours to secure the property. We continue to market the property and show potential tenants the space until all monies have been received.


Provided we have the funds and where applicable, we will pay over expenses such as bond, water, rates, insurance premiums and any service charges or similar disbursements and account to you monthly. Where we are authorized to make disbursements prior to a Tenant being placed, you would be required to pay the amount.


We note the tenants lease expiry and contact the tenant a few months prior to the lease expiry to renew the lease. In this case a brand new lease agreement will be drawn up.

Credit Check

We use TPN to determine the financial suitability of a prospective tenant. TPN provide us with the necessary information to whether the tenant has  an adverse credit history or not. This enables us to make an informed decision as to whether or not to recommend the tenant to our owner.


First step is to do the moving out inspection to determine if there is any damage to the property. If there is no damage the deposit will be refunded. If there is damage the deposit is used to cover the damage. In such case the tenant will be paid the deposit less any amounts payable for the damage.

Repairs and Maintenance

We have put together a credible team of supplies to perform general repairs and maintenance. We will also deal with your insurance company should their be a claim 

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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, the estate agent is acting as an agent for the landlord. Ultimately the landlord takes the risk should the tenant default on the rent. Every landlord has a different appetite for risk and will accept or decline the applicant tenant based on the credit report, affordability assessment and any other relevant information.

The landlord can demand to see the all applicant tenant’s credit reports before making a decision to accept the tenant.

Common law provides that the landlord must hand over and then maintain the property fit for the purpose for which it was let.

However many lease agreements deal with maintenance of the property differently. It is advisable to ensure you have read the “Maintenance” clause of the lease agreement carefully to ensure you are aware of your obligations.

Most lease agreements provide that the landlord is responsible to maintain the structure of the property and any electrical, plumbing or electrical apparatus which was not damaged by the tenant. Generally the tenant is responsible to maintain the inside of the property “fair wear and tear” excluded

Yes, TPN recommends that landlords perform a credit report on all adults over the age of 18 applying for rent.

In terms of the National Credit Act Regulations 18 (4) (e) and (5) you must first obtain the consent of each applicant before you access their credit report

Any one over the age of 18 may sign a lease agreement.

TPN recommends that all adults over the age of 18 should be jointly and severally liable for the rent.

History shows that spouses have been known to hide behind each other’s credit profiles – there have also been cases of siblings, co-workers and even friends entering into lease agreements where only one tenant signs the lease but all the habitants will pay their portion of the rent. If all the habitants do not pay their portion – then the landlord can only take legal action or blacklist the tenant who signed the lease agreement. This limits the landlord’s ability to recover non-paid rent.

The tenant and the landlord will negotiate this up-front. The amount of deposit due will be written in the lease agreement.

The landlord is entitled to negotiate whatever deposit he / she deems fit. It is common for the landlord to require one months rent or even a double deposit (2 months rent). The landlord could even require a triple deposit if the tenant’s credit report is considered risky.

In terms of the Rental Housing Act, if the landlord holds the deposit, he / she must invest the deposit in an interest bearing account with a minimum rate of interest applicable to a savings account.

Yes, the landlord or estate agent has the right to enter the property to perform routine inspections, but only after arranging with the tenant to do so at a reasonable time, and with reasonable notice. The tenant does not have the right to deny the landlord or estate agent reasonable access.

The landlord may not demand over-zealous access to the property as this would interfere with the tenant’s right to peaceful enjoyment of the property.

The landlord is entitled to receive the proper amount of rent paid by the tenant at the proper place and time.

The lease agreement will note the rent due date. Most lease agreements state the rent is due and payable in full, free from deductions on or before the 1st of each and every month. The tenant would then be in breach of contract if the rent was still outstanding on the 2nd of the month.

The lease agreement will determine the payment date – a tenant and landlord might negotiate that the rent is paid on the 15th of the month. If so, the tenant’s rent only becomes due on the 15th and if not paid on the 16th – the tenant is in breach of contract.

There is no law which provides the tenant a 7 day grace period to pay their rent.

No, this is a criminal offence in terms of the Rental Housing Act. The landlord (or estate agent) cannot change the locks, remove the front door or take any action which effectively locks the tenant out from the property or denies him peaceful occupation of the property without a court order. The landlord does have legal remedy via the courts to obtain legal eviction of the tenant. It is therefore advisable to take immediate action against delinquent tenants.
No, it is a criminal offence in terms of the Rental Housing Act for the landlord (or estate agent) to disconnect utilities. Only a service provider, such as the Municipality or Eskom may disconnect services due to non-payment of those services.

If the tenant does not pay the rent, the tenant is in breach of contract (written or verbal).

Practically the first step of action is to make contact with the tenant to establish the reason for non-payment. You will know your tenant and be able to assess if this is a once-off situation or if the tenant routinely pays late or only partially.

In terms of the Consumer Protection Act, the landlord must demand payment in writing and give the tenant 20 business days to settle.

Should the tenant fail to settle after the demand, the landlord is entitled to cancel the lease and demand the tenant vacates the property.

Should the tenant fail to vacate the property as requested, then the landlord must take legal action to obtain a court order Eviction, after which the Sheriff of the Court will forcible remove the tenant.

Refer to the lease agreement, specifically to any cancellation clause.

If the lease agreement is month-by-month, then a calendar months’ notice is required to cancel the lease.

If the lease agreement is for a fixed period and there is no cancellation clause (for example: in the event of the property being sold or if the landlord wants to take occupation himself), then the landlord cannot cancel the lease unless the tenant breaches the lease.

Refer to sections on incoming and outgoing inspection and interest earned on the deposit.

Further, the landlord can apply the deposit to any amount due by the tenant – outstanding rent or utilities, reasonable payment for damages to the property (for example: cleaning of carpets, lost keys or remotes and returning the state of the property back to its original state at the beginning of the lease), fair wear and tear excluded.

If during the outgoing inspection, it is established there are no damages, the deposit must be refunded within 7 days of expiry of the lease.

If during the outgoing inspection, damages are noted, the balance of the deposit must be refunded within 14 days of restoration of the property.

If the tenant fails to attend the outgoing inspection, the balance of the deposit must be refunded within 21 days of the expiry of the lease.

The tenant is entitled to all receipts for the cost of repairing any damages.

As soon as the tenant has paid and all expenses have been paid and the management fee deducted we will then pay over the balance to the landlord.

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